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Common Reasons Why People Don’t Learn CPR

 There are a number of reasons that keep people from learning CPR and getting the necessary training to perform it effectively. CPR, which is short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is an emergency process that can be done by anyone to help save someone’s life or increase the chance of survivability until professional help can arrive. CPR is performed on anyone who has stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped.

1.    Not Sure Where to Get Training

There are a lot of ways to learn how to do CPR, from either on-site or online courses. The most common type of course is on-site training taught by an instructor with a group of other individuals. Some training centers, like ours at Texas OnSite CPR, offer weekly training classes with individual CPR manikins, CPR pocket masks, and certification cards. We also offer a blended online certification, where you can learn about CPR online and verify your skills with an instructor.

All that you need to do to learn CPR is to give us a call at (817) 992-0585, leave us a message on our website, or search online for local CPR training in order to find classes near you.

2.    Not Sure What It Will Cost

Pricing for CPR classes and certifications can vary depending on where you live, the time of the year, and how booked the class is. The cost will also depend on how in-depth the class will go. Some providers may offer more or less information than other training centers. Regardless of the price of a course, it’s important to remember that the skills you are learning can impact your life and the lives of others immediately.

The price of our class for an individual is just $45… which is well worth the investment considering that knowing how to do CPR can make a huge difference in whether or not bystander or loved one will survive.

3.    Afraid That CPR Will Be Difficult

Many people are afraid of the difficulty of learning and performing CPR. The good news is that CPR is one of the easier classes for an individual to learn, it is relatively cheap, and it can make a huge difference in your life when a victim needs it most. Most classes can be completed in hours while the education and practice you get can last for years or a lifetime. It’s easy to take another class when you need a refresher.

You shouldn’t feel afraid of learning CPR because not only is it very easy, but you will also be taught by trained professionals to do it properly if you take a class.

4.    Afraid of Not Doing CPR Correctly

One of the biggest fears about knowing how to do CPR in the heat of the moment is not being able to do it correctly. Whether you are by yourself with the victim or surrounded by other people, this fear can be crippling to someone who hasn’t done CPR. The quickest way to get over this fear is to realize that if nobody does anything, the victim may die. It’s better to take some action, even if it’s not done perfectly, than not doing anything at all.

Ultimately, if you never learn how to do CPR, then you may not be able to help someone’s life when they need it most. Situations that require CPR to keep someone alive can happen at any time without warning.  Knowing how to do this basic procedure can increase the likelihood that people around you will survive. Make sure to get certified for CPR and learn how to do it properly by contacting Texas OnSite CPR to find out more.