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CPR Class Reviews

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Best CPR class in my 30+ years of taking CPR classes. 

Hillarie was probably the best instructor I've ever had in 12 years of CPR certification. She knows her stuff, she has real life experience as an EMT she's engaging and has a very effective teaching method. She was great!

Just wanted to thank you for your course instructor. She was amazing thanks again 

Dr Shariati 

Class was great... having taught this class for many years I tend to be a little critical of some providers. This young lady knows her stuff... well done. Lee Dryja RN

Excellent course. Instructor keeps you engaged and informed. I'm a medic on a 911 MICU and perform CPR on a pretty regular occasion. Even being seasoned in the chest banging arts, I was kept alert and engaged during what normally would have been a mind numbing class. This course is very comprehensive CPR, unlike many other courses in the DFW area. I would highly recommend this course to lay people as well as healthcare providers. Thank you for the class!

Robert S.- Everman, TX -5.0 star rating 4/23/2017 Yelp

Hillarie is a true professional ... She was pleasant, articulate, motivated and prepared. 

She and Ben worked well together moving things along . They covered alot of material very efficiently but were thorough. I've never "enjoyed" taking CPR,CPR instr, BCLS, ACLS, ATLS, ALS, or BLS ... But have "had to take it" for work ... and I've had the satisfaftion of knowing it WORKS first hand (by God's grace) ... Thanks for making "the necessary chore" as "enjoyable" as you did . Great job !! Keep up your good work ... Knowing it won't be long before i'm "on the other side of healthcare" it gives me hope : )

Great class. Wonderful instructors. I did not catch the name of the two gentlemen. I took the BSL 9-6-16.

The guys were very helpful and kind. The speaker spoke clearly, loud,and made the subject interesting.

Great equipment. It all worked , we all had our own and was very clean. Loved the AED's. 

See you in two years. I will recommend this class to other dental hygienist.

Thank you so much.

Toni Opeka

Love doing my CPR training through Texas Onsite.. Hillarie was very thorough in her instruction and spoke in terms that anyone could understand- for those of us who have done this forever and those who are new to life saving skills.. Thank you for your service!

Tom McMillan (instructor) was the best I have every had the pleasure to work with in my 30 years of Health Care.

Keep up the Good Work!!!

John S Helfrich RPh

As a nurse of 42 years, I will say that this is the best class I have ever attended. Hillarie was wonderful.

Have been a nurse since 1984. Currently working as traveling scrub nurse on the heart team. Therefore I have taken my course in many different places, this was by far the best organized and enjoyable place I've been. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks to all the instructors for making this such a pleasurable experience.

I randomly selected your class online and I was scared of maybe putting myself in danger. This is because it is my first time in TX and never heard of you before. BUT WHAT A GOOD SURPRISE! I loved everything about you and your class. You the instructor and your assistant showed an excellent customer care. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I come across looking for a CPR class. Good job! Keep it up.

Great class - although it was geared towards healthcare professionals and I'm simply providing nanny services, I didn't feel left out or behind. Tom did a great job of keeping things light but also serious when needed. He made sure the important stuff sunk in. The team was efficient and got folks tested and on their way quickly. Well worth the money - thank you!!

I am a former Emergency Medical Technician. This is by far, the best Basic Life Support/CPR class I have ever taken! Hillarie is an outstanding instructor! The videos were very helpful, and all of the class equipment was clean and ready for use! I will most certain recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn CPR and AED use!

Tom-I had just worked 14 hr shift & the last thing I wanted to do was attend this class. Your instructor made it fun, funny, interesting & informative! Bless you all! Merry Christmas!

Hillarie and Mary Ellen did a fantastic job with the class. It was SO much better and more enjoyable than any other CPR training I have ever attended (and I have been a registered nurse for a long time). Thank you.

Very Professional. One of the best I have ever attended. I will return in 2 years for my renewal

Joe Sunbarger, DDS 

It was very entertaining. Tom is very funny and knows a lot about what he's doing. He explains things with great detail and is an amazing instructor.

Thank you so much for showing that CPR scene from, "the office." It not only gets me every time, but it REALLY lightened the mood of lame that most classes like yours can be. Speaking of which, there was very little lame happening in this class. It was a lot of fun and had zero awkward aspect. Everyone knows where the midline of a chest is, thanks for not forcing me to "find it" with "hands on learning" on some random stranger sitting next to me!

Thank you also for making it so concise. 

Good job !

I have taken a few of these classes, however this is the first with Texas OnSite. The instructor was good...knowledgable on the subject, energetic, clear spoken with clear voice projection and the setting was good. Nothing worse than not being able to hear someone when they are trying to tell you something you need to know.  Too, I was impressed with the organization of materials, 'props' and cleanliness. They have my repeat business. No longer in the hospital setting and needing to keep up BLS for HCP this will be my go to in the future. Very professional outfit. 

This has been the BEST CPR class that I have attended since I started working - and I've been working for 26 years! I like the fact that we each had a mannequin and the rest of the materials needed so we all had the chance to have the same amount of time to practice on each technique. I am not kidding when I said this is the BEST. I will definitely take my future classes with y'all! Thank you!

Girl did a great job with class will do it with you again next year

Brit Phillips DDS 

I feel that I learned more in your 2.5 hour class than I have in past classes that were 6-8 hours. Very nice job of presenting all the material in very clear and concise manner

Best class I've ever re certed with, concise, practical, great life illustrations, to the point! Get 'ER done! Thanks! Dana

This was the best CPR class I've had in years, Hillarie did an excellent job from start to finish, the class was organized, easy to understand and straight to the point even the driving directions was straight forward. I thoroughly enjoyed the class it was well thought out from registration along with resource materials. I know order flows from the head with that being said I've never met Tom, but I've met part of his team Hillarie. You left us in good hands Sir. I'll see you in a couple of years.

I believe it was Hiliarie (please verify) She was had extensive experience in her field.Too many times the instructors lic.by state know less than the class they are teaching.She was really great she was obviously a pro in her field. 

Thanks C.Tangney

This class is great ! Honest company, convenient location, easy process from start to finish, and the instructors really CARED that you learned ! Don't ever stop doing this class. There are not many good ones out there.

loved the class compared to previous one I have attended. this will definitely be my new place for cpr and first aid in the future. I felt like I actually learned the information since there was a lot of of explaining and repetition rather than just sitting me in front of the video to memorize it on my own (Hillarie)

I have been a nurse 41 yrs. next month and I have had a lot of refresher CPR courses and this is by far the best course, the video was very informative, the instructors were very direct with humor and to the point, I loved this presentation and will most certainly recommend it to my nurse friends, thank you very much!

I participated at the Starbucks course for healthcare providers near Grapevine Mills. Hillarie was prepared and class began right on time. She explained everything in an clear and efficient manner which made it really easy to follow along. She highlighted and emphasized the key areas of the course which made it very easy to accurately recall for the test. This is definitely the most organized and most efficiently run BLS-CPR course I've taken in the area. I also feel more confident with the idea of providing CPR in an emergency situation if need be than I have felt in the past. Definitely recommend this course!

The best BCLS class I have ever taken. The class moved very efficiently and the interaction with the individual props helped move the class along. Instructor was informative and efficient. 

The class was awesome, energetic, and informative! Hillarie was the BEST!!!

Extremely well prepared. Course information was clearly relayed and explained. Best CPR class I've ever taken and I've been a RN for 20 yrs.

Tom easily explained everything and was very knowledgable! His expertise showed in his quirky jokes. Two thumbs up!

Hello, Tom!  Thank you for being a provider for this certification.  I enjoyed your presentation and gained a better understanding of the processes involved in CPR/BLS.  Stephen Sibley RPh.

Mr. McMillan did a tremendous job and kept the program interesting.

Would like to see him again in two years!

Great class! Hillarie and Ben did an excellent job of presenting and demonstrating. They answered every question completely when someone raised their hand. Most importantly, they made everyone feel comfortable in the room that was new to BLS. I would recommend to anyone that has to take the class.

Thank you for a clear, straight to the point, and quick class.  I liked the comfortable auditorium setting.  Will always use Texas Onsite going forward.

I've been CPR certified twice before this class, and this was the first time I walked out truly confident in my knowledge of CPR. Part of that may be because I've had it twice before, but I think it was largely because the instructor explained it in a very simple and straight forward way that was easy for me to memorize. I also kind of liked having the paper test because I am a visual learner and it helped me retain the information better than verbal cues and instruction from the teacher/video.

Hillarie Garnier did an excellent job of presenting the information. Her stories from her professional experience were relevant to the information she was presenting. Mrs. Garnier communication skills are excellent and her delivery was flawless, clearly demonstrating that not only does she know the material, but that she has applied it in the real world. The class was fast paced and never boring.

The class was directly to the point with out all the unnecessary additives. I appreciated that.

BEST CPR class I have ever taken in 26 years of being a nurse! 

Alaina gave a wonderful class . Great instructor. Very informative. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Excellant class. I've been aha certified for over 40 years. One of the best I've attended except for mine when I taught. Lol Thanks Alaina!

I have had my BLS for 14 years, and this was by far the best class I've ever taken.

I want to alert you that I was very impressed with your teaching.I have done several classes and non match your course layout.Most of other classes which are even more expensive don't even have enough hands on supplies to use.Giving out graduation cards on site after passing is very good unlike some who promise to mail and end up taking too long to do it.The course syllabus is well set up for even time to time review.

The best CPR class I've ever attended!

Great class, not much down time , on waiting for directions , or subject matter. I knew what was next, kept my attention ? Till test and end of class. Thank you Tom great class, way to roll. Thumbs up!

Tom if you are the instructor… you did a good job. Thanks Steve

I enjoyed the class very much. I haven't taken a formal course in many years and was pleased with how easygoing and comfortable the experience was. Alaina (instructor) gave detail and information supplemental to the video. She also stressed the importance of pretending that we were in emergency situations while practicing on the mannequins. During the entire course, Alaina made us feel like we could ask any questions, though few were actually asked. I would happily take another course with her.

This is an excellent CPR class. He kept the class moving but made sure everyone was proficient in their skills. Great instructor.

Well done, Alaina ! Excellent Class!

I give Texas onsite CPR 5 stars because the class couldn't have gotten any better or easier. The class is made easy as no one wants their time wasted but you get your money's worth trust me. We had to watch videos then practice on the dummies but the instructor Tom didn't just leave it to that. He showed us some steps that wasn't explained in the video and how it is also done in a real life emergency. Being international he was very clear and straight forward with his sentences and that made my life easy. So I would recommend this class to anyone. Osaretin O.

I liked that it was very to the point and Tom was great! Will take again here in 2 years.

I thought the class was fantastic. I am going to take classes this summer to become an EMT, and this was a prerequisite for registration. I am trying to figure out if I want to be a doctor, and this class only furthered my interest in medicine.

This course was helpful, the training was detailed, organized, and fun. Tom also assisted Hillarie and was equally informative, I'm looking forward to Texas on-site being my go to for any type of training provided.

Very interesting class. Loved everything about it!

Great hands on class. Tom was an excellent instructor. I will definitely recommend the class to friends and family members.

The class was much more enjoyable than I expected. The instructor broke down every concept to a level the entire class could understand.

On time, covered a lot of material and opportunities to practice. Great class !

This was the best CPR class I have ever taken. (Alaina)

I loved the CPR class! The instructor was very friendly and professional. She explained everything well. I was happy to practice hands on. Thanks. Laura

I have taken the BLS certification class twice through Texas OnSite CPR and each experience has been great. Tom, the instructor, is very helpful and concise. Since most people have taken the class several times, I really appreciate that he streamlines the class but hits the important points. I first took the class 2 years ago in the Ft. Worth location but just recently updated my certification in Denton. I preferred the Denton location since it's currently held in a hotel right of off I-35W on University, which is very easy to get to. As long as I'm in the area, I will definitely continue to get my certification with them. Jake W.

I cant remember her name but she had glasses and she was great!!! (Alaina)

CPR class was great. Instructors had room set up, class started on time, & ended a little early. Instructors were very knowledgeable, answered questions thoroughly, but kept class moving at a good pace. Would definitely recommend this class to others.

Awesome class! Will recommend to others, I wish you had a location in Arlington/Grand Prairie area.

Thank you! I really enjoyed the class. Far most the best I've had and plan to return when I need to renew. 
Annette French Bearden

This was a great class. Loved that it didn't take all day! The instructor was concise and easy to understand. thanks very much!

Awesome class. Short, and to the point. Perfect!

Hillarie was very upbeat and the class was very organized. I also liked reading over the study guide before the class. I think this was a good refresher before the class.

I really enjoyed this class! I liked that it was at a Starbucks too :) Hillarie was great! Very professional and polite!

Time efficient, detailed, but to the point.

Alaina did a great job explaining and answering all questions. She was very organized, started promtply and was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to everyone needing a CPR class.

Thanks Tom for the class!  You did an awesome job explaining the why behind the actions which makes it so much easier to remember!  I'll be back for renewal and keep your info to share with others.

Thanks!  It was great--our instructor was awesome!

I loved how Tom presented the material. He was very clear in showing us each technique. He helped each of us individually if needed. Will definitely take his class again.

I'm a repeat customer because the class is awesome, and I feel like it is a great refresher! =)

First time having the opportunity for the training. Excellent instructor; entertaining video.

Alaina did a great job explaining and answering all questions. She was very organized, started promtply and was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to everyone needing a CPR class.

We have yet to have our appointment with Tom but he contacted us the same day to set up an appoitnment. He was very polite and answered all of my questions. 

I was taking a recertification course and I can say I will utilize their services from now on. The instructors were nice and very informative with any and all new aspects of BLS training. Plus the course is quality and price friendly. -Monique

The class was extremely informative. The instructor made the class fun and entertaining. I took my first CPR course here 2 years ago and will be returning in 2 years more years to renew my certification and years to come. Thank you!

Very good class, liked the instructor. Thank you.

Pre CPR videos were a good touch (sitcoms). It was nice that each of us had a CPR dummy to practice on.