COVID 19 Protocols | Texas OnSite CPR

COVID 19 Protocols

COVID 19 Protocols 

  • Mouth to Mouth Rescue Breathing will be demonstrated and discussed but will not be a requirement for certification as per American Heart Association recommendations. 
  • We issue Alcohol Wipes to everyone. 
  • We do request that face masks be worn throughout the class and recommend students have gloves and/or hand sanitizer.
  • We are not requiring the students to practice Rescue Breaths on their manikins at this time. They are optional. The instructor will demonstrate, discuss and have the students go through the motions but we don’t insist they actually put their mouths on anything even if the equipment has been sanitized.
  • No shared equipment, each student will have their own manikin.
  • We do not have the students team up with any other students, each student can stay in their own space.
  • The amount of social distancing is determined by the size of the room but we are looking for the largest space that you can provide us to meet Social Distancing Guidelines.
  • The instructor will  get her equipment moved into the training room and set up each students station, with all the required equipment prior to the students entering the training room.
  • The instructor will conduct the class without any close personal contact with any of the students as much as possible.