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CPR Certification Frisco

While we hope that nobody has to use CPR, there may come a time in your life where it could potentially save someone’s life. It could be a stranger, it could be a family member, it could be your best friend. At the end of the day, tragedy can strike at any time. Texas Onsite CPR now offers CPR training classes in Frisco so that you can have it when you need it most! This location is also convinent for the McKinney, Allen, Plano, Carrollton areas.

Here are a few reasons to go take one of our CPR training class in Frisco today:

1. Choking is one of the most common causes of death in children under the age of one that can be prevented. Learning Choking Relief to treat a young child is a skill always taught in our Irving CPR training classes.

2. Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of adult deaths. CPR training at our Grapevine-Flower Mound location can help you to prevent cardiac arrest related deaths of your family, friends or strangers nearby.

3. For children under the age of 14 drowning is one of the top 5 most common causes of death. No matter what age you are, you can take one of our Grapevine-Flower Mound CPR training courses to help save the life of any age group.

4. CPR can double a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival. For a small time investment (a few hours or less), you can learn the skills to save at least one person in your lifetime. This means that for a few hours, you can help to ensure that someone else lives for many thousands of hours to come.

5. Out of all cardiac arrests, nearly 75% of them occur in the victim’s own home. If you live with friends or family, learning CPR can increase the survival rates of a cardiac arrest victim.

6. HIV being transmitted from mouth-to-mouth CPR has never occurred. There’s a common misconception that doing CPR will hurt you, but this is a false assumption. Our Grapevine-Flower Mound CPR training classes will help you to understand fact from myth.

7. CPR is critical for keeping the heart and brain alive until medical professionals can arrive. By taking our classes, you’ll help to prolong a victim’s survival rate. Without you doing CPR, they may risk dying before professional help can arrive.

8. If CPR begins within 2 minutes of a victim collapsing and a defibrillator is used within 10 minutes, the cardiac arrest victim has a much higher chance at surviving.

9. You can learn CPR in as little as a couple of hours with Irving CPR training. Our CPR training classes are done by highly trained medical professionals that know CPR in and out, can answer all of your questions and help you to build confidence with CPR.

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If you have any questions about CPR or want to get  CPR training at your office, give us a call today at Texas OnSite CPR! We have professional educators and trainers who are willing and ready to help equip you to get your Frisco  CPR training. Our educators are highly trained and will pass on their knowledge to you so that you can feel confident to help save a victim of cardiac arrest. It’s better to be prepared and not need it than need it and not be prepared.