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CPR Certification Denton

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR as it’s commonly known, has evolved over the years. Each time a major change occurs in CPR technique, it gets easier to administer and more effective at treating victims.

While an emphasis in the past has been placed on emergency rescue breaths followed by chest compressions the current CPR standards place a higher priority on providing continuous chest compressions and providing rescue breaths when a CPR Barrier Device is available.

When an individual collapses and is not breathing, the new CPR standard for laypersons is to call 911, get an AED if possible, begin chest compressions and attach the AED as soon as possible. These compressions will be followed by rescue breaths using a protective barrier when available. For those untrained in providing rescue breaths provide continuous compressions until help arrives. 

Denton Healthcare Providers are encouraged to provide rescue breaths when they have a CPR Barrier Device and all of our Denton CPR Classes for individuals are AHA BLS Healthcare Provider classes as this Certification is what is required for those in the Healthcare and related fields. CPR rescue breaths are an integral part of the BLS Healthcare Provider CPR certification.

One of our CPR training classes in Denton, Texas can help you get certified in no time.

This certification and training in Denton will set you apart on both a personal and professional level, giving you confidence and the ability to conduct CPR that could one day save a life.

We offer Denton AHA BLS Healthcare Provider CPR certification classes both for individuals and healthcare related offices.  Check out our CPR Class Calendar to view the CPR training classes that we currently have scheduled in Denton for individuals. 

For companies, schools, daycares, industry, etc. we can come to your location and provide CPR-AED and First Aid at your location. Give us a call for details.