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CPR Certification Fort Worth

The skill of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) has changed over the years (see our History of CPR).   Emphasis in past years was placed on emergency rescue breaths, then chest compressions. 

Now, however, the procedure has been re-written from A-B-C (airway, breathing, compressions) to C-A-B, (compressions, airway, breathing).  It’s been established that the human body has approximately four minutes of oxygen in the blood stream at any time.  In essence, the American Heart Association’s new practices for laypersons to de-emphasize mouth-to-mouth procedures, emphasizing instead chest compressions.  That is, if a person collapses on the street, the new CPR standard teaches to call 911 and then begin chest compressions followed by rescue breaths with a protective barrier.

This change in CPR training has made it more attractive for the general public and those untrained to become certified or to get re-certified, and Texas Onsite CPR is ready to welcome you to our class.  Not only do we teach Fort Worth individual certifications in First Aid, CPR and AED usage but also teach Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) certification.  We can provide training to individual students or industrial and commercial groups. We specialize in coming to your place of business where we can certify as many as 50 students in one class.

Texas OnSite CPR  Fort Worth locations ensures that each student has his/her own manikin, face mask and new, sterile mouthpiece.  For AED training the ratio is two students per AED unit.  Students taking the AHA BLS Provider training at our Fort Worth locations will practice both single and two-person rescuer techniques.  While some  training can be provided online through coursework approved by the AHA and the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) students MUST physically practice their CPR skills to become certified so instructor guided practice is a required part of the course.  Any institute that promises 100 percent CPR certification online is misleading and accrediting organizations will not recognize online only CPR Certification.

Fort Worth  CPR classroom instruction includes the use of approved audio/video material to become CPR certified.  Texas OnSite CPR Fort Worth uses only the highest quality audio and video systems to facilitate the training.  Plus we hire only AHA certified instructors who are passionate about their work.  Texas OnSite CPR has over 30 years training experience, training about 6,000+ people annually in CPR and First Aid.  

Scheduling and registering is easily done online or over the phone.  Texas OnSite CPR serves Fort Worth, Dallas, Grapevine, Flower Mound, Frisco and Denton with multiple choices for CPR class times and locations to best serve your needs.  The Mid-Cities area is also closs to our Fort Worth location.

Whether it’s needed to fulfill a work requirement for health professionals or to qualify for safety teams in a regulated industry CPR and First Aid is one of those skills that is better to have and not need than to need and not have.  It is a skill that is portable in that it can be drawn upon in a cardiac emergency of a stranger on the street, a co-worker, or a beloved family member.

Texas OnSite CPR Fort Worth is ready to prepare you for such emergencies with CPR class options that meet your needs, whatever they may be and when you need them. Give us a call or use our Contact Form.