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AED Medical Direction & Oversight Services

No matter what type of unit you own, where you are located, or the size of your AED program, you must abide by a litany of ordinances, rules, regulations, and laws.

With a robust national team of AED Medical Directors, comprising various specialties, such as emergency medicine, cardiology, and electrophysiology, the Arch program adds confidence, assurance, and reliability - not just that AEDs are the right equipment to deploy in communities across the country - but that once deployed, maintaining AED legal compliance is a breeze.

AED Unit Readiness Checks & Equipment Expiration Reminders

To help meet statutory mandates and AED manufacturer’s guidelines, all AEDs should be regularly monitored and documentation of 30-day readiness checks should be stored in a secure location, like Arch’s password-encrypted web-based platform. We even allow you to tie your AED program directly to our e-commerce store to help you auto-populate your shopping cart with the products that are right for you! With the Arch AED medical direction program, you’re notified of what AED accessories you need and when you need them – whether your have one AED unit or one-thousand AEDs – anywhere in the country!

Management Re-defined: Integrated E-Commerce

Tired of forgetting to replace your AED’s electrode pads or battery and being left with “expired" equipment? What about waiting for the replacement components to arrive once ordered?

We solve these problems, using the AED-industry’s most advanced e-commerce shopping cart, tying your national equipment records from our platform to our predictive, fully-integrated, e-commerce store. We take the hassle out of replacing expired AED components and insure up-to-date compliance.

Smartphone App for monitoring your AED's